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Ocean Air Cruises

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Congratulations! .Today is your day.  You're off to Great Places!  You're Off and Away!

                                                                                     Dr. Seuss - Oh, the Places You'll Go!

What is on Your Cruising Horizon?

Recommendations and Ideas

       Cruising is an exciting experience.  And, it is much, much more than that!  It is an overall travel and adventure opportunity.   It is a worldwide - or as Greg says - an EarthWide venture.

        When planning, think about your flight to your ship's embarkation destination, your pre-cruise and post-cruise hotels, your ground transportation at each location, and the availability of pre and post-cruise excursions and tours.   After all, you're away from home, why hurry back?  There is so much to see and do while you are out-and-about your world, planet Earth!

        To fully enjoy a fantastic cruise experience, start with First or Business Class flights to and from your ports. Always stay in a five star hotel or the best quaint or boutique accommodations.  You'll rest better, you'll see more, eat better, drink better, and be more excited.  With the ambiance and comfort, as well as the opportunities for pleasure, convenience and excitement, and even cultural and historical value, why hold back?  Enjoy the best when you are traveling.  It is part of the EarthWide experience and world travel adventure!

         So, think bigger and better, and don't deny yourself.  Greg always says, a couple hundred extra dollars spent on the preliminaries, and even on the cruise itself, enhances your experience tenfold, at least.  And, often even more!   It is a value you will appreciate, exponentially, beyond the expense.


For perspectives about your Cruise Horizons, following are ideas and resources to stimulate and enhance your thoughts for your next journey.


Cruise and Travel Magazines - Porthole Cruise Magazine and other travel magazines feature cruise destinations that get you in the mood for your next Cruise.  Also, even though the internet introduces you to many cruise opportunities, a hard book copy brochure of a particular Cruise Line's features, qualities, and itineraries will both introduce you to and inspire you to the level of expectation you can expect from a particular cruise line.   Call me, I will provide you a cruise line book of your choice of interest. 


Visit This website will show you how to get the lowest prices for First Class and Business Class air travel. Part of the cruising experience is traveling in First or Business Class to and from your embarkation and disembarkation port cities. Flying First or Business Class provides you convenience, comfort, relaxation and a level of sophistication you deserve.


Visit Operated by an experienced and frequent cruiser and his daughter, this website and weekly updates can excite you into a new booking right now, while providing real-time perspectives on the cruising experience.


 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts - logon to and get inspired for

your next pre, or post-cruise, hotel choice. After one stay you'll be hooked! If you already have,

you understand!


Google Earth - If you haven't 'surfed' the world with Google Earth, you are missing an EarthWide

experience from your desktop. Begin a travel experience by getting familiar, even intimate with

your destinations, which are easily accessed and enjoyed with Google Earth.

Try it and use it! It is a great geographical experience.


River Cruising - There has never been a better time for river cruising in Europe, and other worldwide destinations. There are more ships and more opportunities. With more different river cruise lines than ever operating EarthWide it's a fantastic way to see the world! Now is the time to plan your river cruise!  Plus, there are new opportunities for river cruising right here in the United States.


Great Cruise Lines - Ask Greg about cruises lines you haven't thought about booking, but you should! Sometimes the cruise line experience itself is equal to the thrill of the destinations. Seabourn, Silversea, Regent, Oceania, Windstar, Sea Dream Yacht Club, Ponant, Paul Gaugin, and Celebrity are cruise lines that will convince you the journey itself is part of the adventure.  And remember, all-inclusive lines offer an overall better value and quality.


Local Port Short Getaway Cruises - Consider a short three or four day Cruise Getaway from a local port. This gives you the benefit of a great cruising experience without the need to fly or be away from home or work for a long period. Short cruises are designed to immerse and absorb you, your family and your friends in a fun and exciting adventure at value prices. These wonderful cruises are never short on pure enjoyment.

Weddings, Meetings, Corporate Events and Incentives - Do you know Cruises provide excellent facilities for on-board weddings and receptions, business meetings [with no extra cost for meeting rooms, AV equipment and service amenities], as well as group corporate events and company travel incentive ideas? Ask Greg, he can help develop your ideas and plans.


Note: Booking through the internet or directly with a provider omits opportunities for special offers, discounts and credits you otherwise would not receive. Plus, the benefit, and even the comfort level you gain from the advice of an experienced advisor ensures you will avoid unanticipated pitfalls. Greg can explain these opportunities and benefits, especially on cruise bookings, and on those all important pre and post cruise hotel stays.


    Instead of overwhelming you with an abundance of excessive choices you'll see on most travel and cruising websites, Greg provides practical Recommendations and Ideas, which change frequently to assist with your

planning. For the best benefits and opportunities, call Greg to discuss your plans and ideas. 

   Together, we'll take it from there . . .

     Don't tell me what a man says, don't tell me what a man knows, tell me where he's traveled.